I couldn’t let the first week of Akashic Learning pass without talking about breath, because breath supports the practice from start to finish. When I turn inward to begin attuning to the Akashic Records I start taking mindful breaths to balance and center my energies.

I also feel intention move on my breath. So when I work with a question, I use a full breath to send it out to the Records and use the pause between inhale/exhale to open and receive. If I need clarification, breath helps bring in more guidance.

If I get distracted, triggered, or otherwise thrown off, breath brings me back to center. If clients get stuck, I’ll ask them to take a drink of water because both the water and the breath they need to sip it gets the energies flowing again.

When clients start releasing, I make myself incredibly still and start breathing more deeply to send healing energy their way. Finally, when we close the session, I breathe out the reading so only what is for my learning and growth remains, and I don’t carry the client’s healing as an energetic burden.

Today’s image is of my beloved essential oil diffuser. I like oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, laurel, and birch to open my nasal passages and encourage me to breath right into my belly.


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