Following beginner’s mind, intention is another fundamental pillar of an Akashic Records reading. With openness but no clear intention, it feels like I am sitting before the entire Internet with nothing to type into the search bar.

When the sitter’s intention leads the way, I can hold the energy steady, stripped of the sitter’s anxieties or attachments on the issue, and also of any personal agenda not in alignment with the client’s intention for healing.

Sometimes it feels like intention opens particular channels and attracts the flows responding to the question at hand. Other times it’s as simple as asking a question and “hearing” an answer.

The text above is a nice bit of synchronicity. I’d been planning to write about intention but wasn’t sure what image would convey what I wanted to say. Yesterday I was reading Sandra Ingerman’s book on soul retrieval when I found just the right passage before turning in for the night. She describes how she is able to maintain a state of openness (or beginner’s mind) given a sense of purpose or intention:

My intention is like an arrow flying through the pitfalls and distractions of nonordinary reality. History has taught me that a strong inner intention will lead me directly to the experience that needs to happen. If I get distracted by the soul’s state…I can reset my healing intention and again begin to walk a straight path. (Ingerman 59-60).

Though my Akashic Records work differs in significant ways from shamanic journeying, some of the skills she describes are not totally unfamiliar to me.


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