The way the Akashic Records taught me to center, and how I now teach others, is to let yourself find your center in the present moment, rather than to predetermine where you think your center should be, or to insist that it remain in the same place each time. This can surprise people with longstanding meditation practices.

Recently I was a teaching a new student how to center and ground first by centering, grounding, releasing, receiving, and then bringing the energy of the Earth back to her center, “wherever it may be.” The wording is intentional because it prompts us to be open to our center shifting. Once my student received the Earth’s energy, she assumed she would bring it back to her diaphragm, where she had been previously taught to center, but her inner wisdom led her instead to her chest. When she brought the energy there, she felt an explosion through her system more powerful than she had ever felt by centering on her diaphragm in her daily meditation. This influx of energy brought her immediately to a state of peace.

This isn’t to illustrate some truth about the chest being a better center than the diaphragm. Who knows what will happen the next time she sits? The point is not to be dogmatic about your meditation practice and let your natural intelligence guide you.


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