All healing is self healingI say this a lot because it’s true on both sides. The deeper I dive into my own healing process, the deeper my clients are willing to go in their work. The more I work on releasing my fears, the more confident I am that my clients will find their way. And the more I practice living from a centered Self, the more masterful I am in holding space for others even as they face their inner demons.

In my youth work I often felt like a tug boat or the Little Engine that Could. I wanted to bring about transformation so badly that I burned myself out always doing for others. I see now that I was working off faulty assumptions about what it means to help individuals change their lives. I’ve met healers early in their journeys, eager to shoulder the responsibility of healing others. No one can rescue anyone else. And I venture to say that if you believe that, you’re likely also holding out for someone to save you. (There’s your growing edge!)

Once you step into your power (ever more, because as infinite beings we are never *there*), you give others a model for finding that strength within. You also attract clients who are prepared to take responsibility for their own healing instead of looking to you to always do the heavy lifting. This doesn’t mean you attract clients who have more of their shit together. They may not even know they have this ability to self heal when they come to you. They may be living with chaos and pain, but through the eyes of compassion you see their potential and their truth, and it touches you. It humbles you.

What is more amazing is that you may find yourself saying less and less as your practice expands. When I started off I used to worry a ton about saying and doing the right thing to help others, but now I know that even—or especially—in my silence I transmit supportive energy and give my clients space to shift, release, and integrate.

Most of us go into the healing arts to be of service to others, and we regard it with such gravity. But the beautiful little secret of this sacred path is that it calls us repeatedly back to self-compassion, to joy, and even to play.

If you feel called to take a bold next step in your journey, reach out! It’s my absolute pleasure to facilitate and witness the unfolding of your inner wisdom. This ain’t your mama’s Akashic Records!


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