Watched several flocks of #geese fly over a perfectly blue #river today. #hudsonriver #ilovenewyork #birdingwithaniphone

Here’s a small sign that you’ve disconnected from yourself: You’re in a group trying to decide where to eat and you’re like, “Wherever you want.” Maybe you’re thinking “I’m easy.” And that’s fine. But if you get to the restaurant and scan the menu and can’t figure out what you want to order, that could be a sign you’ve disconnected from yourself. Maybe it’s because you’ve ended up at a place you don’t really like (and didn’t pipe up about it), or you genuinely don’t know what you want. Small stuff in isolation, but if it happens repeatedly, it’s probably happening in other / bigger contexts in your life. Disconnection doesn’t have to begin with massive trauma. It can sneak in with habitual, tiny decisions not to speak your mind / heart. It’s a slippery slope between “I’m easy” and “my opinion doesn’t matter.”

This is not a judgment, but an observation: So many people come to Akashic Record readings looking for their life purpose. Imagine the degree of disconnection there is in someone who asks someone else for the meaning of their life. There is a time and place for these sorts of questions, and I’ve been just as lost myself. But I also feel and experience the Akashic Records shifting toward new horizons. If you book a session with me you may get some answers the old fashioned way of me channeling them for you. But chances are you will also be taught how to connect with the answers yourself, and walk away not only with answers, but tools to reliably and repeatedly access your truth going forward.

Welcome to the world of Akashic Record healings! This ain’t your mama’s Akashic Records. Come experience them for yourself—with or without an existing practice!

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