Yesterday I wrote that healing is best approached from an empowered and empowering stance. No one is here to “fix” or “save” anyone else, and if you go around propping up your sense of self worth trying to do this work for others, it’s a sign to turn inward and find the part of yourself that feels like a victim.

For it’s only when you’ve been through a process of deep healing that you can really begin to see the power in others, or at the very least trust it’s there beneath the surface, waiting to be recognized and activated. You will also be operating with a much deeper trust in life and wonder at its mysterious unfolding.

This work is never done. Recently I realized that worrying about whether people could afford my services was doing everyone a disservice. And how ironic: Here I am, preaching empowerment while envisioning potential clients as financially disempowered, and trying to bridge that gap for them! That signaled it was time for me to connect to my own sense of financial empowerment, and I found a whole slew of limiting beliefs around money that are now in various processes of releasing.

This is the work. And once we open to the process, stop pushing it away as “endless, self-indulgent navel-gazing” (been there, done that back when I was anxious to be “done” with my own healing so I could get on with life), we begin to appreciate all the gifts it brings.

Where are you trying to overcompensate for the powerlessness you ascribe to others? Are you trying to speak for the “voiceless,” fight for the “weak,” fix the “broken,” or save those who seem “lost”? Is there anything in you that is also looking for the sort of empowerment and advocacy that you seek to bring to the world? Start within. The steps might seem small, but the impact of your efforts will be seismic.

When you work to clean your energy field, you begin to move through the world and interact with people from a strong stable center instead of always acting and reacting from your most wounded parts. And instead of connecting wound to wound, you begin to connect to the truest parts of those around you: from your inner divinity to theirs.



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