A new client mentioned that she loves my blog because she feels this “divine energy” overcome her when she reads it. I reminded her, as I am now reminding you, that whenever you think you are feeling someone else’s good vibes that is actually your energy that you’re experiencing. What’s happening is you are choosing to match that energy, to resonate with it.

The opposite is also true: when someone else’s good mood annoys you, it’s because you aren’t resonating with that energy, and that resistance exacerbates your experience of your bad mood. In a similar vein, if you think you are in a good mood but find someone else’s anger rubs off on you, it’s because you aren’t very centered in your own flow, so external circumstances determine how you feel.

This is really important to keep in mind during healing sessions, because it means that all healing is self healing. I don’t ever “do” anything “to” others. My job is to hold space, meaning I keep a steady, coherent, expansive, and elevated vibration that is resonant with your own true essence. In other words, I hold a vision of your wholeness. Your job is to match me on this higher ground by shifting whatever is asking to be shifted in your fields.

So if you find yourself experiencing calm or excitement or any other positive feeling as you read my words, know that that is your own flow you are feeling. My writing is simply acting as a mirror for that energy to show itself to you. It is a reminder of your true nature.


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