A little over three years ago I started learning how to handle trauma within Akashic Record readings. It wasn’t something I was super comfortable with from the get go, and I would freak out a little whenever it came up in a reading. I started praying for ways to empower my clients more, and such is the power of prayer and intention: my Akashic Records work began shifting organically. I found that I was increasingly being guided to lead clients through self healing processes. This thrilled me because I never really wanted to be the kind of reader that tells people to go to X by Y date and talk to person Z to find happiness, love, or success. I’d much rather support them in shifting their energy and finding their center so they can find truth and clarity for themselves. When you book a session with me you will be asked to show up fully and interact with your guides and your Higher Self. You won’t be passively listening for your marching orders because the Akashic Records are about empowerment.

Earlier this year I was describing my work to another Akashic Record reader who’s been at it for a couple decades. She said what I was doing didn’t sound like Akashic Record readings. As a friend and colleague, she didn’t mean to offend, though her words stung. But just recently I got the message from my guides that “You aren’t offering Akashic Record readings. You offer Akashic Record healings.” THAT felt true.

The Akashic Records Study Group is back in session (YAY!!) and I’ve started teaching them many of the healing tools I’ve learned from the Records. If you feel called to experience this work, as a client and/or a student, reach out!


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