Here’s a small sign that you’ve disconnected from yourself: You’re in a group trying to decide where to eat and you’re like, “Wherever you want.” Maybe you’re thinking “I’m easy.” And that’s fine. But if you get to the restaurant and scan the menu and can’t figure out what you Read more…

We belong to the wildness of the world

At the end of January and early this month my sleep schedule went out of whack. I’d either find myself sleepless until 3:00 or 4:00am, or if I managed to fall asleep at a reasonable hour, I’d inevitably wake up around those times. During that period I had been feeling a lot of unfamiliar energies coming in and they were keeping me up at night. I wasn’t alarmed because I had been working with an intention to open to new energies since the beginning of the year, but I did want to figure out how to make the process a little more comfortable.

I checked with my Akashic Records and they suggested I stop trying to understand the energies, because I was giving myself headaches attempting to analyze every little bit coming through. Ah, my mind was up to its old tricks! My Records recommended surrendering to the flow and trusting that I would be aware of whatever I need to when the timing’s right. (more…)