Love is a field20190619104334

Love is a field

A couple of years ago I started experiencing the One Breath that animates All That Is, and then I started feeling my heart joined to the One Heart. It is a little different from connecting to the heart of Source, because for me it is the feeling of being joined to the many in the […]...


Here’s a small sign that you’ve disconnected from yourself: You’re in a group trying to decide where to eat and you’re like, “Wherever you want.” Maybe you’re thinking “I’m easy.” And that’s fine. But if you get to the restaurant and ...
We belong to the wildness of the world20180227195104

We belong to the wildness of the world

At the end of January and early this month my sleep schedule went out of whack. I’d either find myself sleepless until 3:00 or 4:00am, or if I managed to fall asleep at a reasonable hour, I’d inevitably wake up around those times. During that period I had been feeling a lot of unfamiliar...
Protected: Head vs. heart partner practice20170731203536

Protected: Head vs. heart partner practice

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Heart meditation on speaking your truth20170731202557

Heart meditation on speaking your truth

This meditation is to help connect with your heart energy, which you can then use as a guide to any question you have in your life. To feel into this connection, bear in mind that we are not feeling for the beating of our physical heart. Rather, we are trying to get a sense of […]...
July 2017 gathering20170731192138

July 2017 gathering

We had a bit of a late start with this past gathering, so given the OG composition of the group, we went over the agreements quickly and dispensed with “getting to know you” questions. Had we had time for this reflection, the questions would have been: When do you speak your truth easily...

Dreamers & Schemers 19

DREAMERS & SCHEMERS is an alternative to mastermind and networking groups. It is a space for heart- and brainstorms. Come to be seen, heard, and held. Come to be inspired. Why “dreamers and schemers”? Because we are what’s born in the dark.

WHAT: To hold space for individuals in transition and projects in growth, and to come to truth, integrity, and clarity in community.

WHO: For youth development and non-profit professionals who consider service to others an important aspect of who they are.

HOW: Dreamers and Schemers gatherings are a combination of a focused topic discussion or activity related to the process of developing a project/business idea or managing life transitions, and a circle of trust practice of asking open and honest questions and deep listening.

TOPIC: In July we continue with the work of the ever important heart center and link it to the throat chakra, which Sonia Choquette calls “the chimney of the heart.” Thus the work this month turns around our ability to speak from the heart and to know the heart’s truth.

WHEN: Thurs,  July 13, 2017 at 7p. Doors open at 6:30p.

WHERE: 140 Riverside Blvd. between 66th & 67th Sts.


Heart openers20170712161538

Heart openers

Though some people experience excess energy in their fourth chakra, I think the majority of us have the opposite problem of shutting down our heart chakra. Here is a list of ways to open your heart that is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to chime in in the comments with things that have worked [&h...
Protected: Sacred heart + bubbles of welcoming20170712160202

Protected: Sacred heart + bubbles of welcoming

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Blue Ribbon Heart Release20170712152307

Blue Ribbon Heart Release

This tool is adapted from Leta Worthington. It’s a helpful exercise for instantly clearing any emotion that you’re experiencing, whether or not it’s yours or you’ve picked it up empathically. Even though it’s called the “Blue Ribbon” exercise, you can imagin...