Though some people experience excess energy in their fourth chakra, I think the majority of us have the opposite problem of shutting down our heart chakra. Here is a list of ways to open your heart that is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to chime in in the comments with things that have worked for you!

  • spending time with loved ones, children, animals, open-hearted people
  • being out in nature
  • heart-opening yoga poses
  • heart-opening mantras
  • music or drumming
  • placing rose quartz (or other crystals that call you) on your heart chakra
  • connecting with roses or rose-scented products (especially essential oils)
  • practicing loving kindness (in meditation or daily life)
  • doing community service
  • performing random acts of kindness
  • creating art
  • doing something you love
  • self care


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