This tool is adapted from Leta Worthington. It’s a helpful exercise for instantly clearing any emotion that you’re experiencing, whether or not it’s yours or you’ve picked it up empathically. Even though it’s called the “Blue Ribbon” exercise, you can imagine any color that feels right to you, or you can even imagine something more like a liquid stream or conveyor belt (my personal favorite!).

  1. Go inward, ground and center, and come to the present moment.
  2. Picture your heart chakra with doors in the front of your chest that can be opened or closed at your discretion. Whatever you envision is what works for you, so don’t get so hung up on the style or colors. Let the details be what they are. Notice without judging.
  3. Open your heart doors.
  4. Picture and feel your crown chakra opening widely.
  5. Picture a beautiful wide blue ribbon coming down from the Heavens into your crown chakra, and down into your heart chakra, where it flows out your heart doors and into infinity. This ribbon moves continuously, flowing from Heaven, through you, and back out again. See it as a river that is ever-present and ever-flowing. As with your heart doors, let the details come to you without judgment.
  6. Now picture the emotion you would like to release and place it on the ribbon, inside your chest. Picture it in any form you like.
  7. Take an inhale. On your out breath, see the emotion ride out of your heart doors on the blue ribbon and watch it as it moves on into infinity. Feel the change as this emotion leaves your being and the clarity you experience without that blockage or weight. You can place the emotion on the ribbon and watch it ride away as many times as you need until you feel this change.


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