Living in the flow

When you develop skills in channeling the flow—whether that looks like intuitive readings, healing, yoga, creative / performance arts, etc.—you learn to strike a perfect balance between the masculine and the feminine, acting and receiving. You show up with a question or intention to learn or move in a certain Read more…

Love and sacred space

Image is the Star from the Rosetta Tarot. When I asked the Akashic Records for a definition of love, they said it is feeling “fully seen, heard, and held.” And when I asked about sacred space they said it’s “anywhere you can come into the fullness of yourself.” The two concepts struck Read more…

Unconditional love

I still don’t really know how to talk about this fully, but I experienced a tremendous, miraculous shift recently in one of the most important and most challenging relationships in my life. This is something I have been working on for decades, and we’ve both been in therapy individually and Read more…

Akashic Learning 11: Questions

I first turned to the Akashic Records in search of answers to the many questions that burdened my heart, mind, and spirit. My aim was to find clarity, which I thought meant getting rid of questions altogether. As my practice deepened, however, I developed a certain friendship with questions. I saw that Read more…


Sometimes in that twilight space between sleep and wakefulness a voice speaks to me of things I need to learn. Recently it transmitted a word I haven’t used since my days in academia.

“Interstial! Pay attention to the stillness and silence between words and sounds, to the spaces between the grains of rice.” I was pleasantly lulled by the initial abstraction, but that last bit about the rice roused my mind, which then began to fiddle at the edges of the metaphor.

We belong to the wildness of the world

At the end of January and early this month my sleep schedule went out of whack. I’d either find myself sleepless until 3:00 or 4:00am, or if I managed to fall asleep at a reasonable hour, I’d inevitably wake up around those times. During that period I had been feeling a lot of unfamiliar energies coming in and they were keeping me up at night. I wasn’t alarmed because I had been working with an intention to open to new energies since the beginning of the year, but I did want to figure out how to make the process a little more comfortable.

I checked with my Akashic Records and they suggested I stop trying to understand the energies, because I was giving myself headaches attempting to analyze every little bit coming through. Ah, my mind was up to its old tricks! My Records recommended surrendering to the flow and trusting that I would be aware of whatever I need to when the timing’s right. (more…)

How far can you get out of the way?

It’s a truism in energy work, whether it be in intuitive readings or healings, that the best thing a practitioner can do is get out of her own way. As with all great lessons—and getting out of your own way is a great life lesson—learning comes in layers. When I was first learning how to work in the Akashic Records, the phrase “get out of my own way” pretty clearly translated to cletting go of fear and doubt. The very first time I tried to enter the Records, I was so wrapped up in the fear of messing up and the doubt that I could actually do this for myself, that all I could experience was my negative energy. I had to back out of the Records, take a deep breath, and start my opening process all over again.

As I started to progress in this work, trusting that I could access the Records stopped being a problem. But fear and doubt showed up in other ways. While I knew that I could connect to the Records, I found myself falling into anxiety around my ability to make sense of the guidance I was receiving. Because I started out getting a lot of images, I shouldered the responsibility of being able to make immediate sense of everything I was getting. And if the connection between the question asked and the image received did not seem to have a logical connection, I would automatically seize up in fear and fall into the habit of blaming myself for getting some part of the process wrong. (I missed the obvious fact that this work, like dream work, is highly irrational and symbolic.)

Again, with time, I learned to develop further trust in the process, which in this case meant doing the opposite of my natural tendency to shut down when presented with the unknown. When the Records sent me something I did not automatically understand, I learned how to open up further. What I discovered is that I have so many options in the face of uncertainty: I could wait a moment or two for the image to unfold naturally; I could just start describing the image while trusting that the energy would continue to open up as I spoke; I could ask the Records what this image meant in relation to the question and/or in the context of the seeker’s life; or I could turn to the seeker herself and ask her how the image resonated with her. Knowing which road to take is a matter of intuition, and most times I seem to choose well. But I have also come far enough along in my practice that even if I “get it wrong” the first time (i.e., I ask the seeker if an image means something to her and it turns out that she is as clueless as I am), then I simply choose another avenue without beating myself up for having to try again.

Getting out of my own way also entailed releasing the pressure of “right interpretation” and “full understanding.” (more…)

Other as Mirror of Self

The tools I share are really effective in helping you shift your energy in one way or the other. Some are really handy (many of my meditation tools can be used while you’re out walking to the train or are actually riding the subway), while others require more quiet and reflection. Other as Mirror of Self falls into the latter category. It is worth the work, however, because in my opinion (and from experience bringing it repeatedly into Dreamers & Schemers), this is one of the most incisive ways to identify your growth edge (which is another way to say “your issues”), and work through your issues from an angle that goes beyond the usual fodder of talk therapy.

In other words, this is not just about identifying your wounded inner child and blaming it on some external cause, but taking for your ALL emotional reactions. This might sound hard or yucky because it’s a lot easier to blame other people for how you’re feeling, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find this to be a tremendously useful and empowering life skill!

To be perfectly honest, learning this process was no cake walk, and I experienced a lot of tough love from my Akashic Records learning to do this. I spent months in resistance, clinging to my anger and self-righteousness, until one day something shifted in me and I experienced the transformative power of this habit of mind. This is a habit, so it gets stronger with practice. When it becomes second nature, you will ask yourself why you spent so much time suffering over something you actually had control over: your own emotional reactions.

If you’re feeling resistance now, take a moment to soften and open yourself to something new. Yes, we’ve all heard some variation of the old chestnut that you can’t control others, you can only control your reaction to them. Sure, you’re thinking, easier said than done. But let me break down the process into manageable steps so you can see that this is actually easier than you think.  (more…)

We get love all backwards


I’m not in the habit of being a contrarian Oh, who am I kidding? I felt compelled to directly contradict a RT in my Twitter feed today for getting love exactly backwards. No, love is NOT “giving someone the chance to hurt you, but trusting them not to.” Love is giving someone the chance to open you up, and trusting yourself to get through the hurt if/when it comes. I’m toying with the idea of opening a Love Academy just to right these wrongs, but in the interim, let’s just break this little nugget down.