Case study: Opening to possibility


I repeatedly tell my clients that an Akashic Record reading—at least the way that I offer it—is not predictive. The readings I offer call for your own engagement in the process, and to have any real effect on your life you will have to walk your path consciously, by making your own decisions rather than taking marching orders from on high. That said, sometimes it looks like a reading “predicted” something accurately. I’d like to share a story to look more closely into that phenomenon to show that it is actually the client’s doing, and not mine, when something the Records said “comes true.” (more…)

How far can you get out of the way?

It’s a truism in energy work, whether it be in intuitive readings or healings, that the best thing a practitioner can do is get out of her own way. As with all great lessons—and getting out of your own way is a great life lesson—learning comes in layers. When I was first learning how to work in the Akashic Records, the phrase “get out of my own way” pretty clearly translated to cletting go of fear and doubt. The very first time I tried to enter the Records, I was so wrapped up in the fear of messing up and the doubt that I could actually do this for myself, that all I could experience was my negative energy. I had to back out of the Records, take a deep breath, and start my opening process all over again.

As I started to progress in this work, trusting that I could access the Records stopped being a problem. But fear and doubt showed up in other ways. While I knew that I could connect to the Records, I found myself falling into anxiety around my ability to make sense of the guidance I was receiving. Because I started out getting a lot of images, I shouldered the responsibility of being able to make immediate sense of everything I was getting. And if the connection between the question asked and the image received did not seem to have a logical connection, I would automatically seize up in fear and fall into the habit of blaming myself for getting some part of the process wrong. (I missed the obvious fact that this work, like dream work, is highly irrational and symbolic.)

Again, with time, I learned to develop further trust in the process, which in this case meant doing the opposite of my natural tendency to shut down when presented with the unknown. When the Records sent me something I did not automatically understand, I learned how to open up further. What I discovered is that I have so many options in the face of uncertainty: I could wait a moment or two for the image to unfold naturally; I could just start describing the image while trusting that the energy would continue to open up as I spoke; I could ask the Records what this image meant in relation to the question and/or in the context of the seeker’s life; or I could turn to the seeker herself and ask her how the image resonated with her. Knowing which road to take is a matter of intuition, and most times I seem to choose well. But I have also come far enough along in my practice that even if I “get it wrong” the first time (i.e., I ask the seeker if an image means something to her and it turns out that she is as clueless as I am), then I simply choose another avenue without beating myself up for having to try again.

Getting out of my own way also entailed releasing the pressure of “right interpretation” and “full understanding.” (more…)

What is a quality Akashic Record reading? 6/6: OPEN HEART

After a detour into the discerning mind‘s role in Akashic Record readings, we finally come to the last post on this series on the elements of a quality Akashic Record reading:


Open heart is perhaps my favorite aspect of a reading. I consider everything we’ve been discussing thus far as simply laying the groundwork. With open mind we begin to open to possibility, but the deepening of that possibility (and the pure joy that accompanies that process) comes with the ability to maintain an open heart.* The heart, not the mind, is what moves us through fear and doubt. It is the source of our courage.