I first turned to the Akashic Records in search of answers to the many questions that burdened my heart, mind, and spirit. My aim was to find clarity, which I thought meant getting rid of questions altogether.

As my practice deepened, however, I developed a certain friendship with questions. I saw that they were not the enemy. It was what blocked access to my inner wisdom that troubled me: workaholism, self doubt, my critical voice, and an overactive mind, just for starters.

Working with my Records helped me move through so much of that blockage, and questions are now a guiding force. They show me what levels of myself I am accessing, help me unearth my shadows, and also point to directions I long to head.

If I find myself surrounded by “shoulds”—Should I do X? What should I do about Y?—it’s a signal I need to dive deeper. When a question really cuts to the bone, it speaks at once of universal truths and intensely personal concerns. For months I sat with “How do I see the beauty in the small?” This yielded truly gorgeous and yet hauntingly quiet answers.

What question(s) are you currently sitting with? How are you accessing answers? The Akashic Records are just one way to your inner wisdom.


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