When you develop skills in channeling the flow—whether that looks like intuitive readings, healing, yoga, creative / performance arts, etc.—you learn to strike a perfect balance between the masculine and the feminine, acting and receiving. You show up with a question or intention to learn or move in a certain direction, you open to receive, and act upon the flow. You keep following the flow until it’s tapped out, or you choose to begin a new one. And if you get distracted or lose the flow, you simply breathe yourself back.

This beautiful skill you are honing is not just a professional skill, but a state of being. Taken “off the mat,” it becomes a masterful way of living, of showing up for life in the complete trust of the brilliant intelligence that moves within you, through you, and around you. Your part is setting the intention—what do I want to learn or experience—opening to receive, and then following the flow as life brings you all the inspiration, experiences, ideas, resources, people, and answers you need in perfect timing.

As the year winds down and we enter winter, I like to begin feeling into my learning edge and setting a paired intention and mantra for the year ahead. This is not about resolutions and “making things happen.” This isn’t about the Law of Attraction. This is a heart-centered, soulful opening to grace and living in alignment with the flow you wish to follow. I have been living this process out for the past four years and it brings about miracles! It’s brought me gifts beyond anything I could have hoped or imagined.

I’ll be sharing more of my process in the days to come, and if it resonates with you I hope you give yourself the gift of a new year’s mantra. It is as easy, fun, and wondrous as you make it.



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