Follow your heart

Here’s a cliché that’s so often misunderstood. “Follow your heart” does not mean hold onto the people who break your heart because you love them and deep down you see the goodness of their soul. “Follow your bliss” does not mean “do what makes you happy,” or that you have to be in a constant state of giddy joy all day, every day. Neither does it mean following the whims of unbalanced emotions.

Following your “heart” means listening to the parts of yourself that aren’t your head / chattering mind / ego—because those parts operate in past/future time, delayed gratification, fight/flight, and fear based reaction and planning. It requires being #grounded and #centered so you can tap into your deeper flows.

Following your “heart” (loosely speaking—we can also include gut instinct, intuition, the felt sense / wisdom of the body, and spiritual guidance in there)—demands that you fully inhabit the present moment and trust in what comes up for you enough to take action.

It might not always feel like doing what makes you happy. It might mean doing the thing that kinda scares the crap outta you but you know, deep inside, feels right. You might not even know till a few weeks later why you had to do what you were guided to do, but the beautiful design of things becomes clear later on when you realize that it was the very answer to the deepest prayer of your soul.

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