Lately I’ve been sharing a client’s learning edge (showing up for life energetically crouched over, apologizing for her existence) and her mantra (“I’m here”), which shows her she doesn’t need to strive for anything and fills her with the feeling of freedom in flight. To round off her manifestation mantra session we asked her mind what intention it wanted to hold to support this process. She turned inward and got “trust yourself.” So any time she falls out of alignment, her mind would nudge her toward trust.

I followed up with her a week after we spoke and she reported that whenever she remembers to use her mantra she feels centered and connected, and that she even gets glimpses of love. She wishes she would remember to use it more. And that is normal. We are building a habit, integrating a new tool. And besides which, the energy mantra has already started moving through her fields and doing its work.

Feeling grateful that this person let me share her story. I love hearing how many of you resonated with it and were inspired by her mantra. Contact me if you would like to experience calling in your very own manifestation mantra that will support you in aligning with the higher vibration your Higher Self is already holding for you and waiting for you to embody!


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