I’ve been sharing a manifestation mantra process where someone saw that she was showing up to life in an apologetic, crouched position. Her Higher Self brought her to the top of the Himalayas and told her, “You’re already here.” She got that “I’m here” was the mantra she could use whenever she felt she needed to keep herself small and ingratiate herself to others.

I asked her what effect the mantra had on that crouched figure, and she gasped with surprise. She assumed it would stand up straight, but when she sent the mantra through her energetic fields, the figure in her vision stretched out and started flying. She was filled with the feeling of freedom.

This is a really great example of how our mantras give us so much more than our minds can even imagine. This feeling of flight and freedom are what becomes possible when she uses the mantra to vibrate herself into that higher state of being that her Higher Self already holds for her. If she uses the mantra consistently, whenever she slips energetically into that crouched state, she realigns with her highest potential and all thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds come from this expansive state. Change comes so easily and gracefully this way.

Next I’ll post the final step: getting the mind’s intention on board with this endeavor (aligning lower mind with Higher Mind). Stay tuned!


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