Akashic Learning 5: Love

So far we’ve covered beginner’s mind, clear intention, and trust as the pillars to a solid Akashic Records practice. To this list I would add unconditional love. When I asked the Records what love meant, they responded it was helping someone “feel seen, heard, and held.” (If you know me from my youth work or Dreamers and Schemers, you might have already heard this!) While this work engages the whole being, it’s above all a path of the heart. By being fully present with another (or yourself, in a personal practice), you hold that person in a field of love.

When I teach others to access their Records I caution them that it can be very overwhelming at first, especially if we aren’t used to experiencing divine levels of love.

People often seek readings when they find themselves stuck, at a crossroads, or in dire straits. Aside from the benefit of receiving guidance, it is incredibly healing just to be held in compassion and non-judgment.

To access unconditional love we have to set aside any petty or moralistic judgments. While I’d love to think of myself as a compassionate person, the Akashic Records have really shown me how to deepen that quality within.

I’ve kicked up my loving kindness practice by imagining what it would be like to offer readings to those I find challenging in real life. Some folks get flabbergasted when I say this, but last year I started imagining what it would be like to offer an Akashic Record reading to Donald Trump. In the space of the Records, could I receive him in love? Would that change my regard for him in ordinary life? As preposterous as it may sound, this work continues to teach me to hold my opinions and walk with integrity without falling into self-righteousness, anger, and hate. Yes, even with Trump.

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