I’ve been having fun helping people bring in their manifestation mantra this past month and I asked permission to share a case study. This individual was new to my work but had read through the entire mantra post series and really resonated with the idea of manifesting a higher state of being and letting all the details fall into place, as opposed to using Law of Attraction techniques for getting a new relationship, job, etc.
By reading my posts she was able to connect with her Higher Self, which she experienced as this divine calm, and ask about her learning edge. She was given the image and feeling of a young woman hunched over, apologizing for her existence, and smiling so as to ingratiate herself to others.
This was really thrilling to me because it showed how connected she already was to her inner guidance. I asked her to reestablish that connection, but this threw her into a bit of doubt, since this was quite new to her. I gently led her through a meditation to facilitate the connection, and I witnessed tears start to roll down her smiling face. I knew the connection was there, and I had her revel in it for a few silent moments.
When I asked her to describe what it felt like to her, she responded that she felt it strongly and then it went away. I had her go inward again to make sure, and she became aware that intellectually she felt she had lost the connection, but her deeper feeling was that she was already connected.
Of course she was connected! We are always already connected to our guidance. We speak of it as “inner” or “higher,” so it seems as if it is only a small part of us or something we need to stretch for. But what we know as our “self” is only a fraction of our true nature.
We think we have to “dig deep” or strive for enlightenment to come to know this Self, but the key is simply coming fully to the present moment, directing your intention, and opening to receive. You are simply bringing awareness to a connection that is already there. When we load it with expectations of how it should always feel transcendent, we miss how easy, natural, and accessible it truly is.
Next I will share how this client learned to call for her mantra, which came in quite a different form than most. Stay tuned!


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