All your questions are already answered

“I had a question about that!” These were the words of my client during a recent reading. I was responding to her question, and somehow that response managed to answer another question that she had forgotten to ask, but was resting somewhere in the back of her mind, lingering in her heart. “That was my next question!” or “I was gonna ask that question!” are also common utterances.

It never fails to amaze me when an Akashic Record reading anticipates our questions. (more…)


For the last two months I’d been wondering why integration has been such a challenge for me this year. I experienced this most acutely in my Akashic Records work and in my aerial work and training. I knew I was making progress, but it didn’t look like the sort of progress I was expecting, and all the new skills and strength I was developing didn’t seem to be coming together into a coherent whole.

Yesterday, as I was preparing myself to do work in the Records, it hit me: All this learning around integration keeps coming to me because I set the intention, at the beginning of the year, to integrate all that I had learned last year. I had also set a second intention to help others integrate their work with me into their daily lives.

Of course integration is the work in front of me now. I did a ton of learning last year, I’m doing a ton of learning now, and it takes a long time for all that to settle into body, mind, and heart.

From my Question Journal practice, Akashic Records work, and in the context of leading Dreamers & Schemers, I know very well that I teach what I need to learn, I learn what I want to teach, and I always get what I ask for. The gifts rarely look as I expect them to, but those are the best kind. Why did I torture myself by falling into expectation, attachment, and doubt?

For a bit more insight I drew a soul card and was faced with this image: (more…)

Connecting with your ancestors

There are countless ways to connect with your ancestors, and I encourage you to explore other methods and eventually come up with your very own way(s) of doing so, but here I offer a brief guided visualization exercise that I adapted from my own work in the Akashic Records, where I first became acquainted with my ancestors. (Note: We will not be going into your Akashic Records for this exercise.)


Preparatory tips

Before we jump into the meditation, let me emphasize the importance of beginner’s mind. In order to get the most from your experience, you will be best served by quieting your critical mind and holding no expectations. Whatever words I use,  do your best not to conceptualize those terms so narrowly. Instead, open yourself to the experience emerging from your subconscious. You may be surprised at what pops up, and that’s a good thing!

This means that when I say a word such as “ancestors,” don’t automatically assume that they are people who were related to you by blood. They may be spiritual ancestors, and / or they may not even take human form. You may meet just one ancestor or several, and you may get a sense of different entities or simply know them as a collective. They may “appear” before you, or you may sense them anywhere else around you (e.g., beside you, above you, behind you, “at 10 o’clock,” etc.).

I also recommend paying attention to how the energy of your ancestors and the knowing they have to offer comes to you. Are you highly visual? Do you hear their words? Or do you sense something more ineffable?

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t seem to be “getting much.” As with any relationship, you may feel a connection instantly, or it may take a bit more time to develop a deeper connection. Remember: the connection is always there. It’s just a matter of being receptive to it and understanding how this works for you.


Spiraling back with new energy

Last month an old client emailed out of the blue to talk to me about facilitating another professional development workshop. Instead of responding right away to accept the gig (because chances were I had the time), I let it sit. And there I sat as my initial indifference started to Read more…

Mid-year reflection

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve written here, and I can’t give a pat answer for why I haven’t been moved to blog even though I’ve been processing a ton of learning and sharing it elsewhere. Today I drafted an email to my Dreamers & Schemers and thought Read more…

Just around the river bend

There have been a couple notable times in my life when I felt the sheer terror of not having a future. It’s the sensation of staring into a black abyss instead of seeing a well-defined path before me. Over a recent family vacation I was again struck by deep fear Read more…