I shared this tool yesterday with a group of people who seemed happy to receive it, and I realize that I missed writing about it when it originally came up for me. A few months ago I got into a weird situation where I felt an energetic imbalance arise with another person. It isn’t worth the detail, but suffice to say it wasn’t an argument or other form of conflict. I felt the need to apologize or make amends, but it was challenging for me to determine if I’d even done anything wrong or what I was really responsible for.

Since I wasn’t able to figure this out by thinking it through or processing it with another person, that very evening I went into prayer and asked for guidance to know whatever I needed to know about the situation, and to receive the right words and actions to rebalance exactly what I was responsible for—no more, no less. I sensed if I took too much responsibility that would be a betrayal of my Self and cause further imbalance. Very precisely, I wanted to neutralize my part in whatever karmic charge I had caused (and by “karma” I simply mean an energetic imbalance that naturally wants to come back to center).

The next day the opportunity for me to talk to this person came up again and I expanded into my strong, stable center as I broached the subject. The words and sentiments flowed easily between us and the matter was cleared in a way that deepened our relationship. It was such a no-drama kind of thing that I wished I’d had the wisdom and maturity to have turned to this approach earlier in life.

So now I share it with you, in case you find yourself in a situation where you feel something is off, where you sense you may have acted out of integrity, but aren’t quite sure how, or what to do about it. Turn inward and ask your higher guidance (God, Spirit, Universe, your higher self, fill-in-the-blank) to steer you in the right direction. The important thing is to have a humble and sincere heart about it. I cannot do this when it is more important for me to win an argument than to do the right thing.

The more familiar you are with your Brilliant System and the nature of your true Self, the less tolerable imbalance becomes. Such is the irresistible pull of your signature energy. You will want move heaven and earth to right the imbalance as quickly as you feel it to return to the harmony you know is your true state of being.

I call this “instant” karmic balancing because of the speed with which it works. Another quick way of rebalancing is to transmute negative energy as soon as you notice it arising within. This is not suppressing or denying, but letting it flow into the greater river of light inside you so you can hold it in self-compassion and come to greater understanding. This is a practice of ease and grace.

A lot can happen in a very short time these days, have you noticed? There is so much momentum for change, and if you harness the flow with your highest intention, miracles abound.


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