I’ve been feeling this message building for some time now but it’s taken me awhile to get around to it because it feels so weighty, as if I could write endlessly and still not fully transmit the essence of it. Yet this morning I woke up with the knowing that it’s time, so here goes.

For the past few months, when asked how I’ve been, I’ve mostly just shrugged because it’s largely felt like “business as usual” for me. But perhaps I’ve been conveying the false impression that everything feels “normal” to me, that I live in a bubble, or have my head in the sand about the state of the world.

What I really mean to say is that since March 27, 2014, when I received the call that my adoptive dad was undergoing total organ failure, any pretense to normalcy dropped from my life. I don’t look for a “return to normal” because I know that no such state exists. I no longer live in grief, but I live in the understanding that life is by nature uncertain. And I stand in the conviction that I am here to keep surrendering to change, opening to its gifts, walking as fearlessly as I can in new directions, and sharing with others whatever I learn.

In the first few months of 2019 I started receiving a massive download on the Brilliant System, much of which I shared here. The essence of those channelings can be summarized as: find your center (reconnect to your pillar of light), surrender to mystery (rejoin the web of life), and step into mastery (take your place at the table of creation). This is the labor of a lifetime because it is a spiraling path. It is less a determined march up an evolutionary pyramid, than a dance where we give ourselves to our partner with flexibility, grace, and balance.

Life is a mystery, a great adventure that unfolds in unexpected, delightful, and utterly magical ways if we let it. Our greatest joys can spring from our darkest tragedies, our grandest triumphs from utter defeat. And knowing this, we do well to enjoy the peaks while we can, in full acceptance of the fact that the wheel keeps turning, and soon we will find ourselves back in the valleys, which yield their own pleasures, treasures, lessons, and oases.

So back down the mountain we go, but if we don’t integrate and maintain internally the higher perspective we worked for, we lose our way and panic at the absence of light. The ego hates being able to take only one or two steps at a time; it wants a fully illuminated runway so it can feel safe, so it can sprint unencumbered toward its definition of success.

Yet faithfully and gracefully, I keep returning to breath and balance, because even in the darkest of nights, they are the resources that are always available and it is training that makes them easily accessible. Breath transports us away from the thorny thickets of the mind, and when used in the service of finding balance, we ground ourselves in the Here and Now. This is not about escapism, but finding strength enough to be fully present in What Is.

More on that soon. We are building up to all kinds of interesting astrological events surrounding Election Day here in the US. Keep breathing, keep centering, keep opening, keep shifting, keep releasing, and remember to anchor whatever is true, good, and beautiful into this planet for the greatest good and highest evolution of all sentient beings across all space, time, and dimensions yet untold.


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