A leaf from H. ‘Sagae,’ with Bleeding Heart companion

A couple of years ago I started experiencing the One Breath that animates All That Is, and then I started feeling my heart joined to the One Heart. It is a little different from connecting to the heart of Source, because for me it is the feeling of being joined to the many in the All, rather than the One. It is the awareness of my heart being a cell in the heart of humanity, and the heart of humanity itself being just one cell in the heart of creation.

My experience and understanding of love and self love have evolved with this. Before, heart opening work was something I did so that I could give and receive more love. Yet it was a necessary step for coming into the field of love.

In the field of love it isn’t about subject / object relations, of deserving and undeserving. There is no need to be vigilant about policing boundaries, making sure we get what we deserve, and only expending time and attention on those we deem worthy of our love (because, the subtext is, it is a scarce and precious resource). In the field of love, self love likewise isn’t about treating yourself or reminding yourself of all the reasons why you are so special. When you sit in the field of love, joined to the One Heart…love just is. There is no need for calculation or reasoning of if, why, and how much.

To ask how we hold that vibration in daily life is one way of asking how we hold the balance between Heaven and Earth, spirit and matter. But be careful, because if we awaken the cynical, doubting mind that spouts all sorts of exceptions and protests, we automatically leave that field. In the field of love there are no exceptions. None.

One breath. One heart.


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