Yesterday I wrote a bit about the One Breath and One Heart, and I wanted to emphasize, if it wasn’t clear, that these experiences are available to you—to anyone—if you invite them in and open to them. I am not special for this, or no more special than you.

Becoming aware of the One Breath was my very first glimpse of unity consciousness, where I felt myself at the table of creation as an equal participant—no greater, no lesser than anyone or anything else. We were all joined in ecstatic breath, so happy to be alive.

The fact is, we are already connected, by nature of existing, to the One Breath, to the One Heart. What I’m talking about is bringing conscious awareness to that fact. Your body already breathes for you. And you probably are aware of different breathing techniques and exercises where you can bring control to that breath.

Now, can you allow for automatic breath, but still be conscious of it? Instead of trying to direct your breath, can you let the Universe breathe you? The first time I did this I was lying down, to give myself the benefit of total relaxation, total surrender. But this is also something you can practice sitting up, as long as you can find that ease.

There is deep peace in the One Breath, for sure. But what took me by surprise was how joyful it is. How blissful. There is laughter in the One Breath, as well, along with squeals of delight and sighs of utter contentment. For me there is the sense of being entirely myself, unique and particular, and yet beyond my condition as a human being with a given name. I AM in connection with All That Is.

This is just my experience with the One Breath. It may not be yours. I have heard others say they can feel themselves connected to other human beings who themselves are consciously breathing the One Breath. That sounds way cool to me, but my experience is much more abstract.

Have you experienced the One Breath? What is it like for you? If you haven’t, I encourage you to invite it into your life. You will be changed for it, I promise.


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