Somatic work

Yesterday I mentioned how a student got to the bottom of a chronic headache. She’d been noticing that every time she sat down for her daily meditation her head would start to hurt. I casually mentioned, “Have you asked it what it wants to tell you?” Within 24 hours she Read more…

Other as Mirror of Self

The tools I share are really effective in helping you shift your energy in one way or the other. Some are really handy (many of my meditation tools can be used while you’re out walking to the train or are actually riding the subway), while others require more quiet and reflection. Other as Mirror of Self falls into the latter category. It is worth the work, however, because in my opinion (and from experience bringing it repeatedly into Dreamers & Schemers), this is one of the most incisive ways to identify your growth edge (which is another way to say “your issues”), and work through your issues from an angle that goes beyond the usual fodder of talk therapy.

In other words, this is not just about identifying your wounded inner child and blaming it on some external cause, but taking for your ALL emotional reactions. This might sound hard or yucky because it’s a lot easier to blame other people for how you’re feeling, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find this to be a tremendously useful and empowering life skill!

To be perfectly honest, learning this process was no cake walk, and I experienced a lot of tough love from my Akashic Records learning to do this. I spent months in resistance, clinging to my anger and self-righteousness, until one day something shifted in me and I experienced the transformative power of this habit of mind. This is a habit, so it gets stronger with practice. When it becomes second nature, you will ask yourself why you spent so much time suffering over something you actually had control over: your own emotional reactions.

If you’re feeling resistance now, take a moment to soften and open yourself to something new. Yes, we’ve all heard some variation of the old chestnut that you can’t control others, you can only control your reaction to them. Sure, you’re thinking, easier said than done. But let me break down the process into manageable steps so you can see that this is actually easier than you think.  (more…)

Focusing on the felt sense

Last year when we worked on focusing we used the technique pioneered by Ann Weiser Cornell  in her book The Power of Focusing, which was my own personal introduction to the method. It was a great introduction to noticing how the body communicates to us something we need to know about our deeper selves, and how we can tap into that and attend to it if only we took the time to pay attention, ask, and listen.

Purists might disagree, but I consider focusing a form of meditation because it is just another way of quietly coming home to ourselves. But focusing also feels different from most traditional sitting practices because it really asks us to focus on the body (rather than the breath). It also requires that we be more “active,” in that we are meant to engage with what’s bubbling to the surface, rather than simply letting those bubbles go. One Dreamer & Schemer said that the focus on the body gave her something to hook into more easily than perhaps more “abstract” meditations, and that the experience led her to gain a new appreciation for her body!

Sacral chakra meditation with Higher Self

We did this meditation with the Higher Self because I wanted to show how easily accessible it was to connect with this aspect of ourselves. You can look up online how other folks suggest connecting with the Higher Self, some of which involve detailed visualizations or energy work, but I only gave two instructions: 1. Set the intention to connect with your higher self, and 2. If you notice that your mind is doing the answering, drop down lower or deeper into your body. You are used to being in conversation with your mind, so the answers will probably feel a little (or a LOT) different when they come from your Higher Self.

If you prefer to connect to your ancestors or any other guide(s), feel free to use whatever method you find effective to make the connection and then refer to the question set below to explore your emotional being. (more…)