We did this meditation with the Higher Self because I wanted to show how easily accessible it was to connect with this aspect of ourselves. You can look up online how other folks suggest connecting with the Higher Self, some of which involve detailed visualizations or energy work, but I only gave two instructions: 1. Set the intention to connect with your higher self, and 2. If you notice that your mind is doing the answering, drop down lower or deeper into your body. You are used to being in conversation with your mind, so the answers will probably feel a little (or a LOT) different when they come from your Higher Self.

If you prefer to connect to your ancestors or any other guide(s), feel free to use whatever method you find effective to make the connection and then refer to the question set below to explore your emotional being.


Turn inward. Begin to ground and center. Begin to let go of your day and release whatever you don’t need in the moment into the Earth to be transmuted. As you collect your energies, start bringing yourself into the present moment. After the next three breaths, attune to your Higher Self. Notice where your awareness immediately goes. Feel into that connection. How does it feel to be in contact with your Higher Self?

When that connection feels strong and stable, ask yourself:


  1. How do I identify with my emotions?
  2. Which feelings am I accepting of?
  3. What do I do with my “negative,” difficult, or challenging feelings? Where do they go?
  4. What will help me feel safer to explore my emotions?
  5. How do I change like the tides?

Feel free to add a question of your own. When you feel complete, thank your Higher Self for its guidance and love, and remember your Higher Self is always available for connection. Begin to bring yourself back into the room. Start to introduce small movements into your fingers and toes. And when you are ready, open your eyes.


AUDIO (6:02)

Note that the text above is not an exact transcript of the audio, but it is the same meditation. Feel free to pause between questions if you need more time.

It was fantastic hearing what it felt like for everyone to connect with her Higher Self, and I’d love to hear about your experience if you wish to share below!


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