From Mystical Cats Tarot, one of my very favorite decks!

I’ve been silent in this space for a long while, partly because I’m in the middle of moving from NYC to upstate New York. In this time I’ve been grounding myself. I’ve stopped going to fly class and I’ve returned to gardening. I really needed to get my hands and feet right on Earth and literally in the earth again, and also attend to all the mundane logistics moving house entails.

I’ve stayed connected with the Akashic Records reading for others, but to be honest, I haven’t spent much time in personal practice, especially since the study group has been on summer break. Lately I’ve preferred to connect to my own flow by calling out to the four directions and/or sitting in meditation. I’ve also been catching up on a tremendous amount of sleep.

This quick tarot spread I laid out for myself today is right on the nose. I’ve been cocooning in my little crystal cave, listening deeply for my next steps. The word of caution is not to isolate myself too much from the outside world. The promise of venturing out is that I get to keep following my sense of wonder and curiosity, which is really all I ever want.

Following the promptings of Spirit, I’ve committed to sharing some of lessons, skills, and wisdom I’ve managed to glean from the Akashic Records. I’ll be posting here and on Instagram daily for the next month, so I hope you follow along and pick up something useful or inspiring!





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