It’s all you

Yesterday I started writing about what the grounded peace of engagement feels like, and today we’ll unpack more about what it means to ground more fully into yourself. Earlier this fall I shared that I was starting to feel more roominess than usual, and that even though I felt very Read more…


The very first year I was inspired to work with a paired mantra and intention was 2015. In 2014 my dad died and I worked myself to burnout trying to cope with my grief. I knew my learning edge was to figure out self care as a matter of survival, but I had no idea Read more…

Dreamers & Schemers May 2017 gathering


For the May gathering we welcomed a new member to our circle, so I took my time with the agreements. Because we were talking about personal power this month, I underscored the policy of not offering help to anyone unless they ask for it. It may seem counterintuitive, but part of claiming your power is being able to ask for help when you need it. The flip side of that is respecting someone’s power is not victimizing them and assuming we know when and how they need to be helped.


Along the theme of empowerment, I asked everyone to name an area in their life where they recently started to feel especially empowered, and another where they were still working on stepping into their power. (more…)

When identity is shaken, what takes its place?

The topic of identity keeps popping up in conversations with people in different areas in my life, which signals to me that it’s time to pen my current thoughts on it. Two questions drive this investigation. The first from friends, peers, and colleagues on the brink or in the midst of transition, wondering what will happen to their identity when they find themselves without institutional attachments to define their place in the world. The other comes from within: When we loosen our grip on identity, what takes its place? This is the story of how I journeyed into the Place of Nothing and found my center.