A little over a month ago I pulled some sacred geometry oracle cards to see where the energy was flowing for me. I got Universal Love and Earth and was all, “Yeah, yeah, tell me something I don’t know.” (Meaning, if things are going so well for me, why the discontent?) So I pulled a shadow card from the bottom and got Allowance. What a hoot. Serves me right for trying to find answers—answers that I already have within—outside myself.

It’s been an interesting summer. I spent a bit of it early on in resistance, trying to push forward to where I thought I should be, trying to give my authority away to others who might have more clarity than what I already knew to be true for myself. Yet I kept returning to my manifestation mantra for the year: “I align myself with Source.”

I align myself with Source and realize that while previous years required some direction setting and intentionality to heal and grow in certain ways, this year is about letting things be and seeing where the flow takes me. It isn’t so much surrendering to larger forces, but getting to know the larger flow that wants to emerge from me.

I align myself with Source and I understand that this year isn’t about diving deep to find the root of the problem, but truly trusting that there is nothing wrong. There is no urgency, no planning—nothing other than what wants to be expressed in this moment Now. Expansion happens as a matter of course.

I align myself with Source and remember what it was like to be truly at peace with who I am Now. Not “I am happy with who I am now, but I’ll be happier when this or that happens, or I’ll like myself more when I am X, Y, or Z.” I am fulfilled in the Now with no lists to check off. When has this ever happened for me? I’d have to reach back decades.

I align myself with Source and don’t need to strive for change because I know that if I drop any and all resistance, change comes via the way of gentleness. Expansion is. Whenever I feel myself contracting, I align myself with Source. That’s it. That is the work.

I am not under the illusion that this will be a permanent state, because what is. This is simply what is flowing for me in the Now moment. No doubt there will be a return to more activity and strategizing soon enough, but for now aligning my energy and intentions for the next step ahead is enough.

I don’t usually keep my cards and grids up for very long, but this has been on my desk for the past few weeks as a reminder and source of support. Feeling like it’s getting ready to come down because the message has been internalized, the energy integrated.


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