When I did my deep dive into forgiveness practices a few years ago, I dabbled with an abbreviated version of the Ho’oponopono clearing and prayer, but to be honest I didn’t see what it could give me that my Akashic Recordspractice couldn’t.

My voice teacher recently taught me the song that goes with the prayer and it blew me away. It’s amazing how just a simple melody can carry the vibration of an entire clearing process. Just one minute of song really changes the atmosphere, and the silence that follows is thick with motion and significance. I can viscerally feel the prayer ripple out around me.

As I walk around singing the song, or even just humming the melody, it feels like I am integrating the essence of Ho’oponopono, and deepening my intentions. Prayer is supercharged into mantra. To sing it is to feel myself cloaked in humility and transformed into a walking prayer that is beautifully and alchemically balanced. It is yet another eye opening learning for me around sacred sound.

🎵I’m so sorry. 
I love you.
Please forgive me.
I thank you.


Here is an audio track of the song. I recommend doing a brief Ho’oponopono prayer to bring balance to any relationship in your life. Then bring in the song to seal it all in. Lastly, remember to give yourself some time in silence after singing it to let it unfold energetically. I hope you enjoy it!



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