Lest anyone think from yesterday’s post that working with the Akashic Records is all love and rainbows, let me nip that misconception in the bud. Holding a space of non-judgment and unconditional love does not mean sweeping wrongs under the carpet. That would amount to spiritual bypass, a lesson I learned most powerfully when I was working with forgiveness.

If there is a forgiveness tool out there, I’ve probably tried it. (“It’s not about them. Do it for yourself,” blah blah blah.) I might have temporarily felt better, but the old wounds would inevitably resurface. I eventually got really frustrated and took this to my Records. Their response floored me: “It’s not time to forgive.” Here I was thinking that if I’m really here to learn about love, then forgiveness must be the path forward.

No. In fact, my Records showed me that rushing to forgive kept me focused on externalities. Viewing a relationship as a problem to be fixed just intensified the energy of “problem.” Their guidance was to unhook myself and focus on what I had control over: my own stuff.

Eventually I learned that I had to respect the timing of forgiveness, even of love. The energy that I would otherwise devote to forcing the issue is much better spent on moving forward with a neutral heart. Ultimately, from my own centered life, I found there really wasn’t anything to forgive. I stopped feeling wronged or victimized, and I truly saw the gift of the situation. And it is from *that* stable ground that unconditional love springs—not by some artificially imposed external directive. When love is genuine, forgiveness becomes a moot point, which in some respects makes it easy. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts!

Today’s image comes from the Symbolon Deck, which is NOT a gentle deck. I never use these for quick, casual readings because these cards don’t play. It is a super awesome deck, but be ready for truth that cuts to the bone.


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