In an exchange with @lauraleerussell on my last post I remarked how my encounter with the swallows and the eagle the other day evoked something my Akashic Records asked me years ago about why I kept choosing to be a hummingbird when I could also choose to be a condor, lord of the skies. In case you wondering wtf I’m rambling on about, I’m still very much in the midst of my manifestation mantra check in, so let me explain.

This is hooking back into my post about living in the heart of paradox. “I align myself with Source” and suddenly I can experience the polarity and the range of all the choices in between. I am swallow AND eagle, hummingbird AND condor. Both and, not either / or.

Years ago I wondered, “Who am I to presume I can be a condor?” But when eagle came to me there was instant recognition. This, too, not because eagle is better than swallow, but because it is a choice just as valid for me among all other choices. Some time ago I had taken condor and eagle off the table out of some misguided sense of modesty or not enoughness. But now they are choices again. And it is really that: a free will choice to let eagle and condor call those energies back for me.

For you it may not be hummingbird and condor. It may be some other duality you are wrestling with or trying to bury in your life, resigning yourself to living with one choice and not the other. Where is it that you can start to bring the opposite choice back on the table, and in so doing revive the entire range of choices for yourself?

Not either / or but BOTH AND because I align myself with Source. The choice is mine and it yours, too.

If this is seeming too abstract for you, hang in there. I’ll be sharing more examples of how I’ve been playing with paradox and polarity and how you can integrate this practice into your daily life. This is just one of the many ways you can take your Brilliant System for a spin. (Hopefully it is already clear why you would want to do this: freedom, expansiveness, transformation, creation, and just for the fun of it.)


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