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From the Sacred Geometry oracle deck by Francene Hart

I’ve been wondering why it’s been so challenging for me to get this post series out and yet feel the need to do this now instead of waiting for the flow, as I usually do. There is something here tied to what I’ve been going through and which also harkens back to my post last month about writing from the intellect instead of a deeper source. Usually I write either as a careful craft or as a channeled flow. This post series is neither. There is instead the effort of putting to words something that I haven’t yet fully digested for myself. When I write from my head, almost all the processing has already been done. When I write from my intuition, the processing happens as I write. Now I write and hope to process belatedly.

So I spiral back again to the idea—the conviction, really—that there is something here for me to learn. And it’s more than the ability to share what is unpolished (which used to be near impossible for me in grad school). There is something pointing beyond the dualism of “raw” / “finished,” something integrating the part of me that used to believe that “half-baked ideas” weren’t worth sharing (and perhaps sneered at those who did).

And that is the funny thing I’ve been noticing about living in the oneness, in alignment with Source. It’s not that everything is the “height of perfection” the way our limited, human minds would have it be. It’s living in the very heart of paradox, which for me is the center point of the infinity symbol.

This isn’t about #progressnotperfection, because that keeps the old duality in place. Progress needs no apologies. There is no boundary or hierarchy between progress and perfection. They are one and the same. This is not merely an abstract idea or a play on words. If you haven’t figured it out yet—and this I am learning right at this moment—this is as much about you as it is about me. Whew! That felt like learning on the edge of the learning edge.

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