I initially envisioned this post series on centering as a simple how-to, but my first post came out rather pointedly around a limiting belief, and when today’s topic came to me this morning, I realized that before getting to the meat and potatoes, I need to keep giving folks the opportunity to clear what might get in the way of choosing to center.

So here is another belief: that centering is “doing nothing,” and “How can I do nothing in the face of problems?” (to circle back to my first post).

Before we even get into the intricacies of centering (by which you will see you are actually doing a lot—most of it probably unbeknownst to your conscious mind), let’s cut to the most general point: that when you center, you are practicing Be-ing. Being, of course, is seen as the opposite of doing, and doing is what mass consciousness prizes. It is what we are trained for, what is modeled, what we value, what gets rewarded.

You might get a rush from the hustle, a boost in your self esteem from the achievement, even a feeling that you are contributing by all your doing. But when you pause in the name of self care, you will sooner or later feel the pressure to jump back on the hamster wheel. That is not true fulfillment. Neither is it true self care.

When you commit to Be-ing before jumping into doing, your words and deeds are aligned with truth. You move from an unshakable sense of Self that is not dependent on anything you do. You are not your job. You are not your role as a mother/daughter/partner, etc. You are not your politics. Your value is unconditional.

In practicing Be-ing, you cultivate your connection to your I AM presence. You embody it more and anchor it here on the material plane, for the benefit of All That Is. That is no small feat, brilliant human.

As I said yesterday, this takes some getting used to because you will not immediately recognize yourself in this deep state of peace or of joy if you are used to being pushed around by life or by your ego. You will look for all those limitations that made you feel safe, the drama that made you feel alive. But give yourself the chance to acclimate to the higher vibration that is your true Self. For this is your signature energy, your home frequency that is unique in all of creation.


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