Yesterday I promised to share how to call forth a mantra, but this morning I was guided to explain what I meant about doing it from the place of “where you stand and how you are showing up for life.” So take a breath to connect to your brilliant system and let your Higher Self take in this information only as it is appropriate for you.

Asking how you show up is not about the conscious mind conducting a tally of what you did wrong and right, where you are messing up and where you are achieving or at least not under-performing. This is about your brilliant system showing you energetically where your life force flows and where it is out of balance.

You do this sort of energetic accounting with intention and conscious breath. When you breathe into your divine center you will learn what presence and fullness and balance feel like. And so when your awareness begins to pan out through all your energetic fields, through your physical body into all aspects of your life, your subtle senses will be able to feel the areas of discord and interference. You will know where your radiant presence is masked, thwarted, distracted, struggling, conflicted, or checked out.

Being in integrity from this perspective is not a moral issue dependent on an external set of rules or measures, but an honoring of the true perfection and wholeness of the Self. You measure yourself up against your Self.

Let’s clear a couple things up:

1. Your outer life circumstances and your current swirl of emotions and beliefs do not reflect the truth of your inner flow. Want to experience a minor miracle? Suspend all your doubt and self criticism for just a moment. Drop it completely. If you know the way in you can do this in one breath, but you first find your way there, as with most things, by practice. You are on the right track if you’re met with relief. Let gentleness be your north star.

And 2. No one is excluded from this. There are no exceptions to this. None. Not you, and certainly not all the people you may be judging for lacking a moral compass, not being “woke” enough, or self aware enough, being a sorry excuse for a human being, a waste of space, or whatever. Measure those thoughts up against your center. If they don’t feel good, drop them. This is how you create flow, which is a synonym for love, which is a synonym for light.

Return all your reference points inward with your breath and allow your brilliant system to show you where you can stand to be more present, more in the here, more in the now. Who is showing up for your life and how? Whatever conscious awareness you need to have will come to you.

And if you find yourself falling short of your inner perfection, as we all do, nice work! What calls to you the strongest (not the loudest) is your learning edge. This is not the time to identify with your critical voice. Breathe into self-compassion as needed, and get excited because you are ready to call in a mantra—if your brilliant system hasn’t automatically given you one already.


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