This morning I had a short and sweet session with a client who was feeling stuck and frustrated with work and feeling like “the goal posts keep getting moved.” All this person felt was the upward slog ahead, which left him stuck in resignation. Whenever you lose the thread of lightness in your life, find yourself painted into some kind of corner, or feeling powerless to find a better choice, these are all nudges to stop trying to solve problems from the level of the physical mind and frantic action. They are signs to take a moment to drop everything and turn inward to connect with your inner wisdom.

Since this client’s Brilliant System was already supplying him with an image of having reached a false summit, I asked him to connect with that landscape and really feel himself there. What are the opportunities and choices here? My client was surprised to find himself suddenly sitting cross-legged with an illuminated head, and in that lotus position, he started floating upward. I asked him if he was heading toward the summit, and he laughed: “I’m not headed to the summit. I am going above it all, so I can see all the peaks.” I felt a band coming off my / my client’s head, so I asked, “What needs to be removed from your head so you can see these peaks?” He responded that he needs to release his focus on money and shift his energies to other elements in his work.

In this lightness, he was able to receive a bunch of guidance, ideas, and concrete next steps to take, which weren’t readily visible when he was in a more defeated, constricted state. This is why it is so important to shift your state of being first and foremost before trying to take action. Possibilities always abound if we are only willing to let go of old lenses and the limiting beliefs that support them.

This was a short and sweet 30-minute session that managed to shift a lot of old energy and bring in the new. Once clients see just how easy it is to connect inward, it gives them more trust in their ability to come to their own truth repeatedly and reliably over time. Nothing makes me happier than taking off the training wheels for people and showing them how they can flow so harmoniously with their own Brilliant System! Contact me if you would like to discover and work with the landscape of your life.


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