Lots of folks in Mystery & Mastery are currently moving through transition, so last Thursday it felt best to open a pop-up Akasha with the energetic landscape of our lives and see what happened. The Records had us start off imagining ourselves as a grove of trees, standing in a circle. We’d done this before, but this time they drew our attention to how an entire forest of trees was growing around us. The suggestion was that our practice would nourish not just ourselves, but our entire community. Beyond the immediate circle of Mystery & Mastery, stood all our families, ancestors, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and anyone we counted as being part of our spiritual community. We were to dedicate our practice to them, as well, such that any shifts we would be making would become easier for others to make going forward.

The first thing that came up in our group landscape was high waves, and the effort to navigate the waters by surfing. We were invited to shift our focus away from the waves and feel into the shifting point of balance within ourselves. Turning our attention inward, we were prompted to find a soft internal gaze so that we could inhabit our whole being instead of fixing our focus on any one thing. Then we felt into the stillness and felt the love and support that is always available. In the stillness we were able to shift from our upward, controlling stance so the water could support us on our backs.

In addition to the peace, someone mentioned that there was also opportunity for growth here. When we asked what growth looked and felt like, we were presented with an image of a vine. This vine was teaching us to find the freedom and flexibility to grow where we would. We journeyed into our individual vines and felt what it was like to be occupying the strong central stalk vs the tender growing shoots. There was a way we could feel into each aspect of ourselves, finding the distinct voice of each part. We felt what it was like to grow toward the sun, reaching for the light.

Then we journeyed into the Earth to feel into our roots. We felt into those hidden parts of ourselves, and into our growing medium. The medium felt dry and compacted so we brought in elemental balance—air and water—to make our soil loamy so our roots, too, could enjoy the same freedom and flexibility we had above ground.

We felt into the balance of ourselves above and below, outward and in, manifest and hidden. We called forth the elements which were stepping forward to support each of us at this time.

At the end of our session, we felt lighter, more relaxed, rejuvenated, and connected to our innate wisdom. What we knew deep within is more easily accessed when we consciously call it up in a safe, supportive space. In group, we find that even if the trappings of our lives look different, we have shared energetic underpinnings. 


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