Still processing what happened at yesterday’s Mystery and Mastery gathering. There is no comfort zone for me right now in how this work is coming through, and I have been relying on my manifestation mantra to stay centered and aligned.

Mystery & Mastery is about being absolutely stable in your energetic center and coherent in your signature vibration, which also means it’s about fully accessing the NOW moment and trusting what flows out of it. I had been calling in the energies for the gathering and opening to inspiration but all I kept getting was “pop up Akasha.” I would have to treat it kind of like a collective Akashic Records healing and go with the flow.

My crystal alchemy bowls also made their debut appearance last night, and the grandmother bowl, which sings the feminine wisdom of the ages, was the star of the show, as I knew she would be.

Filled up with gratitude for having this sandbox in my life where I can stand on the outermost millimeter of my growing edge, experiment with whatever is calling me, and have people gamely receive it and play along.


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