Still deep in my learning about paradox and yesterday another one came to mind and brought a visceral experience with it. I’ve been taking voice lessons for the past couple of months, and my teacher was coaxing me to a high C. I wasn’t sure if I could hit it, so she asked me to find the ease in it. Immediately my mind went to being in the garden and how I hold the intention of sending out loving kindness and joy whenever I’m there. As I did that, I found I could hold that same feeling in my heart as I catapulted myself to high C. The ease in my heart anchored the effort I made in my belly, up my core, and in the throat and mouth with my breath.

It felt like being in the flow of trapeze. If I didn’t fall into frustration, I could do demanding physical work with the lightest of hearts. Holding the energy of ease cancels out any suffering that might arise with the effort. Effort then is just that—a neutral field pregnant with possibility. It just takes a bit of effort to remember and choose ease—a moment of centering and connecting with my brilliant system.

Ease is effort. Effort is ease. Effort and ease, not either/or. Where could you invite more ease into your life? Where could you give yourself more credit for how you hold ease and model it out energetically into the world, making that vibration more available to others? Ease and effort. The choice is yours.


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