A year in review20141231122011

A year in review

I’m choosing to write this rather personal post on this public blog because so much of the work I do in the world is fed both directly and indirectly by the work I do internally. This year has brought a steady stream of learning opportunities, and while they did not always feel like gifts upon...
Coming full circle20140521083413

Coming full circle

YsetteMay 21, 2014Life, Youth Development, 0
[This was never meant to be a grief blog, but all I really want to write about these days is my dad. Thank you for bearing with me as I get things sorted.] Over the past few days some of my young people used the word ‘motivator’ to describe the work I do with them. […]...
Easter lesson20140420132036

Easter lesson

YsetteApril 20, 2014Life, , 0
Today I remembered the root of my obsession with birds and why I connect their flight to self-discovery. My dad gave me this book back in 1986(!), and I am only now beginning to understand the profundity of the lessons within. Miss you horribly today, Dad, but I hope you are soaring somewhere with G...


YsetteMarch 31, 2014Life, , , 0
On your birthday a few months back, I wrote to thank you for some of the many things you taught me, and I really should have included a lot of the things you tried to teach me: skills I refused to learn in my teenage obstinance and lessons I wasn’t yet prepared for. (These I […]...
Case in point20140206020022

Case in point

Well, I promised to follow up my last post with some good news, and I know that at least one of my readers will be disappointed that she won’t get to read about the sense of optimism I feel in the air just yet. Instead, I’m gonna hang out on my soapbox for a little […]...
Hazards of the job20140126181200

Hazards of the job

Recently I’d been thinking a lot about how this work uplifts me. On Twitter I had some wonderful conversations with advocates in the special ed and autism community about the public misperception that the populations we work with are depressing. “I could never do the work you do”...
Getting through the holidays as a grownup20131227131243

Getting through the holidays as a grownup

YsetteDecember 27, 2013Life, , , 0
1. Cull the holiday card list.  When it comes to letter writing, I am devoutly old fashioned. I don’t send out professional photos of my family or type up mass letters informing you of my vacations and accomplishments for the year. If I send you a holiday greeting, it means I set pen to paper...
#AdoptMent youth take personal stock20131217152459

#AdoptMent youth take personal stock

I’ve been reticent to blog about my work with the AdoptMent group because they’re a younger set and I’m more protective of their privacy. This is a transitional year, not just within the program, but also in the lives of each of these young people. In my first session with them thi...
Fond farewells and transitions20131206113016

Fond farewells and transitions

This week has brought a mixed bag of emotions for me, much of it having to do with my holiday habit of taking stock of the people who have moved in and out of my life over the year. Below are two dear men whom I’ve been fortunate to meet on my journey building Minds […]...
How do we find and earn a living on what we love? – Part 120131205103023

How do we find and earn a living on what we love? – Part 1

While I agree with the significance of taking small steps towards a large goal, I wonder how we can lay out a larger map for our young adults to understand the short and long term processes of pursuing passions and earning a living....