When a friend mentioned the other day that we were coming to the end of a decade my jaw virtually dropped. I obviously knew we were approaching a new year, and I had been looking back on this year doing the sort of reflection we are all prone to doing at this time. But how on earth did I miss the fact that we were also marking the end of a decade?? The answer is that I have been living day-to-day for the last few months, which in some respects grounds me very much in the present, but by the same token makes it very easy for me to lose track of what day of the week we’re in. A couple times I even caught myself having to remember what year it was (most my school friends are a year older than I am so I tend to think of myself as a year older than I really am, which adds to the confusion).

Anyhoo, once I realized what a space cadet I was being about this whole “decade” thing, I started taking in an awareness of just how much has happened in these last ten years. What a decade it’s been, punctuated by a dark night of the soul that eventually opened into tremendous sweetness. I would not trade a second of it.

As I was sitting with all this, I felt my dad’s presence, which was so fitting because it was his passing that was the straw the broke the (very tired, yet very stubborn) camel’s back. Everything I have “lost” in these last ten years cannot properly be called losses. And even as I type this I feel overwhelmed with blessings.

It isn’t for me to tell you what should or shouldn’t be counted as a blessing in your life, but it is my hope for this holiday season that we all begin to realize—really know it in our bones—that we are all equally and abundantly beloved, equally and abundantly blessed. As I have said with regard to the Brilliant System, there are no exceptions. May you discover the abundance of blessings already in your life. The less obvious they are, the greater they tend to be.


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