I have a visualization exercise I love to do, sometimes just in meditation, sometimes with the support of the Akashic Records (where I learned it). I simply ask for my energy system to be represented as a tree, and receive a ton of information around the type of tree, the time of day, weather conditions, or season of year (it doesn’t necessarily line up with my outer world circumstances). I also spend time in every part of the tree from roots to upper branches, gauging the quality of the energy at each part, receiving information as necessary. The tree functions as a metaphor for the chakras, and thus for the condition of my body, life, and being in general.

When I did this recently my tree was standing alone in a field on a starry night, and all its leaves had fallen. Even though it was cold, I really enjoyed sitting in the branches because I had an unobstructed view of the stars and the cool air in my lungs felt refreshing.

I noticed, by contrast, that I wanted to spend less time in my roots because the soil felt really impacted. And I heard the message that I needed to bring the element of air that I so cherished from above down to my roots. Time to aerate the soil, which I understood as bringing more movement back to my body, in spite of my resistance to facing just how out of shape I’ve gotten.

The guidance was spot on because I have been spending so much time these last few months in meditation or working in the Records, and there is a thing as too much stillness, too much silence. I further realized that I hadn’t really come to terms with losing the joy of flying trapeze and missing the aerial / circus / yoga community when I left NYC.

Yesterday Brian and I went to a trampoline park and I reconnected with my love of being in the air and just playing. We’re also in the middle of converting our attic into a yoga / martial arts space. I have an aerial hammock rigged!!! AND I found a bungee studio nearby so I’m hoping to try a class out in the next few days.





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