Image: Dwight Burdette via Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday I wrote about how things often look like they are getting worse before they get better when you undergo a process of healing. During one such period in my life, I connected with my Akashic Records and was basically like wtf? The image they sent me was of a house under construction, stripped to the studs and without a roof. Well no wonder I’d been feeling so vulnerable! The vision showed me that I was actually not in the process of building/creating, but of deconstructing/undoing–right to the foundation.

What often looks and feels like destruction is part and parcel of healing, because how can you create something new when all the old stuff is in the way? When we open to heal, we open to new ways of being, which in itself can be scary and destabilizing. All the issues (e.g. fears, limiting beliefs) that need attending to *will come up so they can be healed.*

When this happens, it’s an exercise in maintaining our center even as that center shifts from moment to moment. (This is how to remain balanced while surrendering to change during a transition.) If we manage the passage through the darkness and chaos with grace, life is lighter and brighter on the other end.

As I felt into the future of my house under de/construction, I saw it was really up to me what would take its place. Perhaps I didn’t want a “house,” but a tent that was much more portable! And as I felt the energy of freedom in that choice, I could start to relax in the work in progress.


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