This meditation is to help connect with your heart energy, which you can then use as a guide to any question you have in your life. To feel into this connection, bear in mind that we are not feeling for the beating of our physical heart. Rather, we are trying to get a sense of the heart’s electromagnetic field. You might call this “subtle energy,” but I promise you that once you attune yourself to it, it will feel quite powerful.

It just occurred to me to share a certain mudra I learned that facilitates this heart connection. Yoga teacher Shiva Rea calls this hand gesture “essence of the heart.” You place one hand over another over your heart such that your thumbs touch in the center and the rest of your fingers wing out. For me this has the effect of grounding, centering, and making the heart’s energy immediately obvious!

So if you’d like, assume this mudra (whether you are sitting or lying down), and begin to turn inward. Set the intention to connect to your heart and begin to attune to your heart. See what you become aware of on all levels of your being. Once you feel the connection is strong and stable, ask yourself:

What is my truth today?

What gets in the way of me speaking my truth?

What do I need to speak my truth?

Ask any other question(s) you wish.

Then, when you feel complete, thank your heart for connecting with you and sharing its wisdom. Know that this connection is always here for you to return to whenever you wish. Be assured that even if you didn’t feel like you understood what your heart had to say, or if you didn’t feel like you got much of anything at all, that the answers will be revealed to you at a later time. When you are ready, come back to the room and reground yourself.

Audio (3:52)


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