t’s been an intense last few days. On my heart and mind has been the idea of breathing more space into restriction, and just the other day, as I was cleaning up my rock garden, I spotted a really long snakeskin. My husband and I had just been remarking how we’ve been missing our garden snakes. I guess they’ve been laying low (I suppose even lower than usual), undergoing their sacred rite of regeneration. Snakes shed their skin to accommodate new growth and also to rid themselves of parasites. What am I clinging to or what is clinging to me that might make this natural process of change and rebirth more graceful?

I’ve been getting a lot of signs lately about impending loss and heartbreak. I keep drawing the same tarot cards over and over again, to the point where I turned to another reader for a second opinion. The spread she drew for me had many of those same cards. We agreed that sometimes we are told just enough so we can gird ourselves for change, even though we don’t know where, when, or how it’s going to come.

I’ve been creating a sacred container for myself daily, sitting in meditation or with my Akashic Records sometimes twice a day if I need it. There are no “answers” forthcoming, but there is the field of peace and stillness that fortifies me. I also feel a tremendous amount of love and light coming in to support me that I often find myself in tears of gratitude.

Even now the gifts abound. The other day I had a private yoga session with Jessica Lubin at @goodkarmastudio. She taught me how to bring in my central pillar of light into balance work. I’ve long wanted to integrate my spiritual work with the Brilliant System with my yoga practice, and in one hour she handed me the missing puzzle piece. So I am practicing, on all levels and aspects, how to stay centered through dynamic change, even when we don’t have the faculty of clear vision to help orient us. (Working on tree and other poses with closed eyes.)

Another tremendous gift that’s come in is something my guides are calling the Breath of Surrender. It’s not so much a new breathing technique as it is new awareness around the breath, especially around the exhale and the points right before and after it. More on that later.

I’m sitting in a lot of tenderness right now, and I normally would lay low like beautiful Snake till I had my new skin in place to share. But I think it is important to remind us all that even in the strangest, most vulnerable of times, we are always held by the web of life. Signs and synchronicities abound. Whatever gifts you need to weather the storms are handed to you. Are you taking the time and making the space to notice and to open to them?

Much love and many blessings to all.


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