Yesterday while rockhounding in a wooded quarry, I felt myself suddenly pulled by a maple. It wasn’t the grandest tree in the place, and there really wasn’t anything about it physically that stood out, but it just felt different to me. I usually describe being in the heart field of a tree as better than receiving a reiki session. I feel myself actively being rebalanced by a beautiful flow of energy. Sometimes I receive messages, but I always leave with a more expansive understanding of my place in the grander scheme of creation.

This connection, which is simply a conscious sensing and understanding of a universal connectedness that always already is, is the greatest balm for spiritual malaise. That you exist already avails you of this: the plain truth that you are beloved and supported and cherished, no matter who you are, no matter what you have done or not done in this life.

One of the most life-changing experiences I’ve ever had was to befriend a tree in NYC. I let that tree hold space for my healing, so that I could take my place once more at the table of creation. I want to make use of all the cliches at my disposal to convey even a bit of what that was like: “The scales fell off my eyes. Life hasn’t been the same since. I remember who I Am.”

And what continues to impress me is that there was nothing so spectacular about that one tree (I’d walked past it a thousand times prior), just as there is nothing so spectacular about this human writing to you. All I know is for years I had been yearning and searching for deep connection, and one day a tree answered that call in a sacred encounter.

This recovery of universal love is available to all of us. You do not need to make a pilgrimage to the oldest and tallest tree in existence. You do not need to travel anywhere exotic to work with a shaman or take ayahuasca to help you get there. The Divine is Here and Now. You can do this in perfect lucidity, by yourself, in the middle of a public park. All you need is an open heart, open mind, and a willingness to engage your own Brilliant System, which holds all your ancient, inner, cosmic wisdom.

Yet be patient and gentle. Trust in divine timing. And be open to the unexpected. Maybe it isn’t even a tree. I have stood under a canopy of stars to be shocked by the sudden realization that every single one of them knows my name. They all know your name, too. Find whatever allies in nature await to weave you back into the web of life. Happy exploring!


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