This morning in that liminal state between sleep and wakefulness I felt myself join the waters of planet, but in such a way that I sensed their connection and their wholeness. I felt, in other words, how the sweet waters eventually flowed into the salty depths of the ocean, only to rise again into the atmosphere and fall as precipitation.

This was a beautiful reminder that when you truly begin to recognize that you are the river, you can also begin to feel how you are moving toward more expansive flows. When you are attuned and devoted to your Brilliant System, you can merge with the greater flow of life without ever losing yourself, because you will have developed the skills not to get distracted or influenced by other people’s flows.

Remember, to “go with the flow” does not mean letting the winds of change knock you around, or surrendering your sovereignty to others. It means finding your strong, stable center, from which point you can detect your own true motion, rhythm, and higher intelligence. This is what it means to be your Self. Going with the flow means surrendering to the flow of your greater being.

Your natural flow gracefully seeks balance, expansiveness, and harmony. You become more of your Self by bringing greater presence to each moment—not just when you are sitting in meditation or on your yoga mat. With greater presence, you can easily make decisions aligned with your flow. This doesn’t mean you will never be challenged, but you will walk those thornier paths with a strong and steady sense of conviction, a stoutness of heart.

If you are in resistance, you are swimming upstream (which is also a valuable place of learning). Your flow does not form attachments the way your physical mind does. If something did not happen for you or you have experienced loss, it simply means that was not the direction your flow is headed. Your flow wants to take you elsewhere to learn and grow and, yes, find bliss.

If you are waking up these days concerned about how you will fill your time, your physical mind is still in the driver’s seat. R E L A X and E X P A N D into your flow. See how you experience your days so differently when you aren’t driven by distraction or accomplishment, but more soulful delight. Welcome silence and stillness as your regular guests, and you will be amazed how they can fill your space with so much love and also open doors onto more dynamic flows.

In this time of physical isolation, connect within. Connect to that inner river of light that is always with you because it IS you. Whatever you seek from others, give it to yourself first. Draw your energy from your inner river that is connected to all life. Then when you do check in and reconnect with those you love, you will be coming from a place of plenitude rather than lack.

Yemaya assesu
Assessu Yemaya
Yemaya olodo
Olodo Yemaya


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