A new client came to me for an Akashic Records session, but I was guided to begin the process more as if it were a Brilliant System session—meaning to take our time really connecting into the central pillar of light that contains everything we need (to know, to experience) at the subtle energetic level.

Words seem to fail me when I try to explain this to people who haven’t experienced it for themselves. I would not have believed it myself some time ago, but I have been deepening my relationship with my central channel for over five years now, and it is a rich path of learning that continues to unfold for me in surprising ways. This unsolicited testimonial captures the very real, practical way in which my work unfolds in people’s lives.

Just from a single session, this client is now able to use her central pillar of light as a yardstick for truth. That is what I do for all my clients, is measure what they are saying against what their own light is telling me. I let their light of truth set the tone and guide our work together. Now her own Brilliant System is teaching her what patterns no longer serve her and are ready to be shifted and transmuted. Doing so will only increase the brilliance of the central channel, and it gets easier and more joyful to make it the focus of your daily practice, your beacon of light in the darkness, and your inspiration for creating anything your soul desires.

Your Brilliant System is the most important teacher you will ever have. Conscious connection is literally a breath away. Contact me to find out how you can experience this directly for yourself!


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