Late last night I received a text with news about a passing in the family. And recently folks have been talking to me about quitting their jobs and not having a plan. You can say 2020 has made quite a dramatic entrance.

Last month I started writing about this expansiveness that I became aware of inhabiting in 2019, but the words to describe it have not been so forthcoming. Today as I was waking I heard a whisper, “You can breathe light.” It wasn’t the first time I’d heard this phrase, but it had always struck me as non-sensical or airy-fairy, to be frank. This time I took it into my heart and it transported me back to a time when I felt so overwhelmed to the point of drowning. When I got exhausted from fighting the tide, I let myself sink in the darkness to the barest ground of my life, where I had no external coordinates, nothing to cling to. Which is where I found my breath.

One particularly vivid dream from that period was of finding myself at the bottom of a pool. I felt sea-creaturely, so able was I to breathe the waves passing in and out of me. It was a remembrance of an ability I had forgotten was natural to my being.

I’d thought this was about finding my breath when I felt the rug pulled out from under me. I’d thought this was about bringing the expansiveness of air into all the constricted spaces of my life. But this wasn’t merely about air. It was about light.

You can breathe light.

You can breathe light.

You can breathe light.

It is the light of life. It is the light of wisdom. It is the light of grace.

Let those words just float inside you. They’ll unpack eventually, with or without further prompting from me. Though there is so much more I wish to share—on grace, on the flow of your Brilliant System, on how to stay open after an opening when all your instincts will make you want to retreat back into safe quarters. Stay tuned it you’re interested.

Happy new year, everyone!


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